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Take your indoor comfort to the next level with the Lennox® Ultimate Comfort System™ from Cook’s Air Conditioning & Heating Specialists! This innovative, integrated system combines all of the latest technology, high-quality materials, and advanced heating and cooling technology to produce an unmatched whole-home comfort experience in your household. Contact our Ocala HVAC company today to learn more about The Lennox Ultimate Comfort System and request HVAC installation services for your residential property.

The Ultimate Solution For Top Home Comfort

Our heating and cooling company offers the Dave Lennox Signature® Collection of air handlers, heat pumps, air conditioners, the Pure Air™ S Purification System, iHarmony® Zoning System, variable-speed gas furnace, and the iComfort S30 Ultra Smart Thermostat for seamless function and optimal efficiency for your HVAC system. From energy-efficient heating and cooling systems and appliances to professional-grade air purification and system controls, the Dave Lennox Signature® Collection products are made to consistently provide your household with high-quality, pure, clean, and fresh air.

Benefits Of Installing The Lennox Ultimate Comfort System In Your Home

Among the many benefits of incorporating The Lennox Ultimate Comfort System in your household are premier energy efficiency and savings, higher-quality air, and quiet operation. In terms of energy efficiency, these products are made with cost-and-energy-saving features unlike any before. The standard-setting furnace boasts 98% energy efficiency, while the air conditioner has a SEER rating of up to 28.

The system also boosts your home’s indoor air quality with the  Lennox Ultimate Comfort System’s Pure Air S Purification System, which effectively purifies the air and filters out bacteria, dust, dander, mold, odors, and chemical vapors so you can breathe easier. The following products are included in the Dave Lennox Signature® Collection. Contact us today to learn how your home can benefit from the Lennox Ultimate Comfort System!

  • SL28XCV Air Conditioner
  • SL25XPV Heat Pump
  • SLP99V Variable-Capacity Gas Furnace
  • Pure Air™ S Purification System
  • iHarmony® Zoning System
  • S30 Ultra Smart Thermostat
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